Stephen James Woods | Assistant Producer | Major Live Events | Sport & Music | Creative Direction

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Design thinking is an approach that looks at the bigger picture and challenges and questions based on a belief that things can always be improved
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Stephen is a creative assistant producer specialising in live event production for sport and music events and multi-disciplinary design including conceptual 3D and digital design. His career highlights include working as an Assistant Event Producer on the production of stadium ceremonies for major live sporting events with a focus on building the atmosphere and fan engagement for clients including The FA and the RFU. He loves the buzz of live events and likes working on things at scale and creating engaging experiences with an eye on the bigger picture. With an eye for creative direction he has also designed and produced his own website and blogs. Stephen was born in the Welsh capital of Cardiff and currently lives in Oxfordshire. He studied different design disciplines and has a BA (Hons) in Three dimensional Multi-Disciplinary Design. His interests include sport, music, design, leadership, innovative and socially responsible businesses and writing poetry and lyrics. If you would like to to get in contact, please email

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